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30 Days To Sell Cars Podcast

The car business is the craziest business in the world… every month we wake up with new themes and new incentives and we only have 30 days to make the most of the new programs!

How do we get the message fast enough to our existing customers and more important… how do we attract vehicle buyers outside of our database and our customer lists?

In this podcast we help you decipher the fluff from the good stuff as we dive into the marketing strategies, tactics and secrets that will help your dealership set new sales records.

This is the “30 Days To Sell Cars” podcast… get ready for the ride!

Feb 25, 2020

Want me to work with you and help you build a customer acquisition machine that will consistently and predictably turn total strangers into paying customers so you can reach new levels of performance and increase what you earn?

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This is the 30 Days To Sell Cars podcast! In this episode, we’re doing a 30,000-foot overview of the Automotive Customer Acquisition Formula by looking at the 12 individual stages of the formula and how they flow together to help you turn total strangers into paying customers. If your goal is to build a machine that will predictably help you sell more cars, you’re not going to want to miss this new episode of my podcast.

Hi, my name is Sean Cassy, and this week, we are continuing our journey throughout Season #2 to provide you with the roadmap that will help you build your personal or dealership automotive customer acquisition machine, one that will help you predictably and consistently sell more cars.

As I mentioned in the first few episodes of Season #2, my goal through this new season of the podcast is to give you the blueprint required to create a successful customer value journey; one that will provide you with a steady flow of leads and opportunities to grow your income.

If you didn’t listen to the preceding episodes, I highly recommend you do so you don’t miss the three mindset shifts required to sell more cars in this new decade. If you did, well, without further ado, let’s dive right in…

There are 12 stages to the ultimate Customer Acquisition Formula, and I will break down in detail every one of these in the upcoming episodes of the podcast.

But to make sure you see how the 12 stages or components of the Customer Acquisition Formula work and flow together to help you sell more vehicles, here’s first a 30,000-foot view of the formula so you can see the big picture.

The 12 stages are:


  1. Finding your WHY: Figuring out your intrinsic motivation, defining the core purpose of yourself and the dealership, your agency, or your expert business; your values, and your fundamental beliefs. Why are you in the business of selling cars? (other than making money);
  2. Determine your GOAL: How many vehicles (or whatever you offer) do you want to sell per month. This has nothing to do with forecasts or your manufacturer’s projections. This has to be “your” goal. Everything that follows in the formula is lined up with the size and timing of your goal. (tip: make it big!) How will your life, income, free time, or other aspects of your life change once the system is running;
  3. Choose a STRATEGY: What will be the overarching and unifying message that will hold everything else together (by the way, a strategy is not a tactic; tactics support the strategy);
  4. Identify your MARKET: Determine who is your ideal audience. Who are the people you seek to serve? What are their buyer personas, their fears, their desires? Who will benefit the most from your efforts? (hint: the answer shouldn’t be everybody!);
  5. Identify TRAFFIC SOURCES: Where are the people from your market. Where do they live, work, play, shop, spend time online, where do they do their vehicle research, etc.;
  6. Choose your TACTICS: This is where you decide which tactics have the best chance to help you achieve your goal, by supporting the strategy, through reaching your market, by targeting the traffic sources you’ve identified. (And now you probably realise why chasing tactics without a clear understanding of the previous stages of the formula is a recipe for disaster!);
  7. Generating LEADS: This is the stage where your system needs to generate and label your leads by both traffic sources and tactics because not all leads are created equal. (Are the leads conquest or loyalty, are they coming from cold, warm, or hot traffic sources?);
  8. Follow-up and LEAD NURTURING: Since all leads are not created equal, there is no “one size fits all” to this step. You need to design multiple lead-nurturing and follow-up sequences for each traffic sources and tactics;
  9. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: Again, since all leads are not created equal and prospects will be coming out of different lead nurturing experiences, their expectations at this stage will be various, so the appointment scheduling processes should be adapted again by traffic sources and tactics (keep in mind that the initial appointment might not be at the dealership, but at the place the prospects chooses to connect with you);
  10. Sales PRESENTATION: Choosing a sales system. Developing the consulting approach where you learn to sell FUTURES and eliminate confusion by creating separation from the current state of the prospect and their desired state. (Make sure the system and sales presentation can be executed with ease in any sales environment => dealership, phone, Web presentation, skype, facetime, at the home or office, etc.);
  11. CLOSING: This is where you turn prospects into paying customers while continuing to provide them with a referable experience. You need to have clearly defined closing tactics for each sales environment. Closing on the phone or through a web-ex presentation will obviously be very different than closing in person at the dealership;
  12. CUSTOMER VALUE LADDER: This is the final stage. This is where we turn customers into raving fans by ascending them through your value ladder (the different departments of your dealership) to provide them with the most value possible. This is also the stage where you capture customer testimonials, referrals and turn these customers into ambassadors by equipping them with the tools they need to spread your story in your market. (This is what’s going to feedback similar prospects into the system).

Now don’t worry if this felt like drinking from a fire hydrant. In the upcoming episodes of the podcast, I will break down for you each one of the 12 stages of the Customer Acquisition Formula and show you the nuts and bolts that make them all work together into a system that will predictably and consistently help you turn total strangers into paying customers and raving fans.


But if you don’t want to wait and want to start building your customer acquisition machine right now, you’ll be happy to learn that I decided to create a program where you now can work with me and my team to build your customer acquisition machine; one that will predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers and raving fans.

Imagine having not only the blueprint for building your machine, but access to in-depth knowledge about every stages, access to the same technology I use, access to the same copywriters to write your scripts, access to the same video editors to produce your content, and access to the same toolbox of tactics to experiment within your system.

Imagine having access to like-minded individuals from the car business, who are also building and tweaking their customer acquisition machine. Imagine being able to ask them questions, and compare your metrics with theirs so you can see if and where there is room for improvements.

No more guessing, no more trying to figure it out, but only black and white answers for every question you might have while putting together your customer acquisition machine and tweaking it to perfection.

If you would like to have a conversation with me to see if this program might be something you would like to explore and if you would be a good fit for the program, I invite you to schedule a strategy call using this link:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you will be back for more great automotive content to help you build your customer acquision machine. If you did, make sure to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify, so you don’t miss the rest of season #2 and all the content I will be sharing to provide you with the blueprint of your customer attraction machine. Make sure also to leave me a few comments on the content I shared with you today. I’m curious to get your feedback and most of all your success stories.

In the next episode, we will take a deep dive into the first component of the Customer Acquisition Formula, which is to find your WHY. If you’re tired of cold calling, waiting for ups, chasing tactics and waiting for the right incentives so you can sell more cars, you’re not going to want to miss our next show!

Until then, I wish you a great week. Remember that we only have 30 days to sell cars when the month starts, and we probably have less than that if you look at your calendar now! So like I love to say: Let’s sell some cars!